Morse Farm

Welcome to Morse Farm, the eight generation family-owned and operated Vermont Sugar making farm that provides the New England region with some of the absolute best syrup, sugar, candy, and gifts! Morse farm sticks with tradition when it comes to harvesting maple syrup, basing their process off of the old Native American tradition called Sinzibukwud, in which hot rocks were used to evaporate the sweet sap from the trees. Benjamin Franklin cornered the market on Northeastern sugar commodities, shifting the focus toward less foreign goods and markets. The farm harvests during sugar season, from mid March to mid April, in which they can get one to three good runs, then of course during the January thaw, which is also typically one to three runs.

Get the perfect Morse Farm introduction in the Morse Woodshed Theatre, a unique structure made with walls of sugar wood that provides guests a humorous and educational video about the Morse Farm Maple Process. Learn about the history of Harry Morse Sr.'s business, as well as the specific process in which 40 gallons of maple sap are collected to make one gallon of pure maple syrup. Here one tap hole is placed in each tree, each giving on average ten gallons of sap per year. This means that four trees from 40-200 years of age will create one gallon of pure syrup! Within this theatre you will also see maple stump seats and sugaring artifacts, and be sure to look at the dogwood sugar wood walls!

Before you go you will have to check out the Morse Farm store, or perhaps order online. Inside the store your group will find everything from maple cotton candy and kettle corn to maple themed cookbooks and spices. Shop all the greatest local cheeses, sausages, and other local farm products, as well as the best gills and jars for your maple syrup. The store is always stalked up with local Vermont products, rustic displays, and unique maple themed gifts and foods!