Mount Washington Weather Discovery Center

summit12_3_13Welcome to the Mount Washington Weather Discovery Center, the interactive science museum that brings the wonder of the atmosphere right to your fingertips! Here your group will get the chance to explore the science of climate and weather through many interactive and truly fun exhibits. There are hands-on exhibits and lessons for all ages and levels of knowledge at this science museum, and you will even have the chance to customize your very own 1 hour group tour through the center. Check out some popular exhibits like the air cannon, flow tank , or wind room, or maybe take some time to learn about the 110 solar panels installed atop the building that make it so sustainable. This museum is a part of the larger establishment called the Mount Washington Observatory, a place that strives to advance the understanding of natural systems that create Earth’s weather and climate!

At the observatory you will see many more innovative scientific education programs, each helping interpret the heritage of the region while also forecasting the future. There is a weather station maintained on the summit of Mount Washington, and the information gathered there is reported to the national weather service for nationwide forecasts and reports. Take another tour to experience Extreme Mount Washington at the Sherman Adams State Park Building if you become a member, a tour full of science and excitement, reported through high tech and hands on exhibits. This weather station is one of North America’s longest continuous climate records to date, and stopping here is a unique, fun, and informative opportunity you won’t want to miss! If you are feeling particularly adventurous you can plan a tour on the summit and meet and interact with the scientist who live and work at 6,288 feet, see the instruments they use, and learn how to create a forecast (bundle up if you choose this option)!