Museum of Discovery

The Museum of Discovery, or Donald W. Reynolds Science Center, was built in 1927 as a National History Museum for the state of Arkansas. The structure qualifies as the oldest museum in Little Rock, containing over 14,000 cultural and historical artifacts, as well as several different species of live animals and insects. Explore this museum within the River Market district to get hands-on, interactive exhibits and programs that cover topics like science, technology, engineering, and math. In the 1970s this museum began community outreach and education, and in 2003 it took on preschool education and also became Smithsonian affiliated. 

laser-63190_1280Within this museum turned science center your group will find such exhibits as Tinkering in Arkansas, Race for Planet X, and Illusion Confusion, all very different but relevant science topics extensively researched and publicized. One of the most popular parts of this museum is located within the new theater in Discovery Hall, the world record breaking bipolar tesla coil. Created in July 2015, this Guinness World Record holding coil emits electrical discharges to a variety of sounds and was created by Goodchild engineering. There are over 200,000 volts of electricity emitted, so every member of your group will get a set of ear protection before the show! You can also see videos, exhibits, and maybe even the man in flesh himself, Kevin Delaney, who is now known as the Tonight Show Science Guy. The director of visitor experience here has become Jimmy Fallon’s right hand science man, showing the nation his "Awesome Science" that he performs for over 58,000 school children per year! This fun stop in Little Rock will keep your group pleasantly occupied for hours upon hours, making it one of the top educational stops in the state!