Museum of the American Revolution

Museum of the American Revolution

Your student group is going to love a visit to the Museum of the American Revolution, the museum located in the heart of historic Philadelphia that brings the stories of our nation's founding to life.

Your group will get to 'enjoy a journey through the remarkable story of America's founding and gain a deeper understanding of the people, events, and ideals that gave birth to a nation', immersing them into our nation's history in a really fun, interactive way.

Enjoy the museum's various Core Exhibits that really put into perspective the timeline of events and the things they set into motion, from 'the early stirrings of unrest in Boston to the opening shots of the War of Independence'. These exhibits are all guided by four main questions: How did the people become Revolutionaries, how did the Revolution survive its darkest hour, how revolutionary was the war, and what kind of nation did the Revolution create? Student groups who partake in a guided group tour get to explore all the museum's core galleries. Here are a few highlights you will see:

  • The Road to Independence
  • Revolution Film
  • Boston's Liberty Tree
  • The Darkest Hour
  • Privateer Ship
  • New Nation
  • Revolution's Veterans
  • Much more

There are some interesting items to view in the museum's collection as well, such as Washington's War Tent, Washington's Mantel Clock, the Lafayette Parade Banner, and British and French Swords.

Grab a bite to eat at the onsite Crosskeys Cafe before you go, or perhaps grab yourself some educational souvenirs from the Museum Shop.


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