NASA Wallops Flight Facility

NASA Wallops Flight Facility

Your student group is going to love the opportunity to get to explore the NASA Wallops Flight Facility, NASA's only owned and operated launch range located on the Eastern shore of Virginia.

NASA's Wallops Flight Facility 'provides agile, low-cost flight and launch range services to meet government and commercial sector needs for accessing flight regimes worldwide from the Earth’s surface to the moon and beyond.' The facility is in an ideal geographic location for satellite tracking, military operations, scientific investigations, tech development, and commercial aerospace ventures, as well.

During your visit to the facility, you will be able to 'explore the past, present, and future of the flight facility', the Visitor Center featuring several educational exhibits for you to explore. See exhibits covering aeronautics, orbital and suborbital rockets, science balloons, current missions, and the facility's history, then head to the onsite auditorium or observation deck. The observation deck serves as a viewing site for rocket launches from Wallop Island.

There are several free programs, field trip opportunities, events and group tours available here, as well as a fun onsite gift shop. We highly suggest participating in one of the fun, free interactive STEM programs for schools, which cover topics ranging from the solar system and constellation to NASA storytelling.


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