National Blues Museum

National Blues Museum

Few forms of American music can claim a history as long, as tradition-rich, and as complex as the Blues. Since its origins in the Deep South long ago, the Blues has been a bedrock for virtually all American popular music of the last hundred-plus years. - National Blues Museum

Welcome to the National Blues Museum in St. Louis, the museum dedicated to exploring the musical history and impact of the blues in America. The museum serves as an entertainment and educational resource and is located on Washinton Avenue, in the heart of St. Louis' tourism district.

Inside your group will find interactive exhibits that focus on blues, the foundation of all modern American music. This genre of music has had a 'deep, profound influence' on all musical genres today, and it has allowed people to express 'emotional, heartfelt truths about life.' It expresses feelings of sadness and solitude, yet it still continues to speak to generations of listeners regardless of their situation.

The exhibits you will see will explore the distinct roots of the blues in centuries-old African American culture. While the exhibits are regularly changing, some good examples of what you may see include the current 'Happy to Have the Blues' Robert Jr. Whitall exhibit, as well as the previous 'We are Music Makers - Preserving the Soul of American Music'.

There is an onsite theater and regular live performances within the Lumiere Place Legends Room, performances including Howlin' Fridays, Showcase Saturdays, and Soulful Sundays.