National Law Enforcement Museum

From night watchmen of the 1600s to contemporary high-tech special investigations, our law enforcement agencies continue to protect and serve our nation with distinction. The National Law Enforcement Museum was developed to tell the story of law enforcement and to engender an abiding value in the country’s agencies from your local police to the FBI. Visit the National Law Enforcement Museum and experience why everyone should value the men and women who lay their lives on the line everyday to protect the integrity of this great nation.

The National Law Enforcement Museum continues to collect artifacts and generate the most comprehensive exhibits on the history and value of law enforcement. Some key collections include over 2,000 items from the J. Edgar Hoover estate with his office desk, chair, awards, and books included and the Eliot Ness and Team of “Untouchables” Memorabilia exhibit. The latter highlights the extraordinary history of Ness’ incorruptible team as they operated during Prohibition and helped to capture the famous mobster Al Capone. The Eliot Ness collection is comprised of over 16,000 items including the Ness credentials. Other exhibits focus on Women in Law Enforcement, the JFK Assassination, and Law Enforcement in Pop Culture. Learn true accounts of history from personal reports, memos, letters, and more.

Attend panel discussions with professionals and active officers to learn how and why agencies do what they do or take a Behind-the-Scenes tour to learn more about law enforcement from informative guides.