National Museum of African American Music

National Museum of African American Music

The museum will tell the story of how a distinct group of people used their artistry to impact and change the world.

Opening in the summer of 2020, the National Museum of African American Music, or NMAAM for short, is anticipated to be 'Nashville's hottest new spot'!

This museum is opening at Fifth and Broadway in downtown Nashville, the true heart of Music City. The entire museum is 56,000 square feet, holding artifacts, objects, memorabilia, clothing, and state of the art technology that will encourage visitors to discover the 'many connections and influences that composers have had on all genres of music'. The museum explores over 50 music genres and subgenres, from classical to country, jazz to hip-hop.

The exhibits within work to integrate history and interactive technology to tell the untold story of each music genre, working to 'tell a unique narrative through the lens of black music'. Here is what you can expect to see within:

  • Roots Theater - Immersive film experiences.
  • Rivers of Rhythm Pathways - The evolution of African American Music Traditions
  • Wade in the Water - The African American Religious Experience: Early 1600s to Present
  • Crossroads - The Great Migration and the Emergence of Blues: Early 1900s
  • A Love Supreme - Harlem Renaissance and The Emergence of Jazz
  • One Nation Under a Groove - Civil Rights Movement: 1940s to Present
  • The Message - Urban Renewal: 1970s to Present
  • Research Library
  • Much More!


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