National Museum of Mexican Art

National Museum of Mexican Art

While in Chicago you should most definitely explore the many different cultural facets throughout, such as the National Museum of Mexican Art. Within this Skokie (35 minutes away from Downtown Chicago) museum wonder, you will find an insightful and impressive bevy of Mexican, Latino, and Chicago art and culture. This spot was first designed by Carlos Tortolero in 1982 since then grown into one of the most popular Chicago museums, as well as the only Latino Museum to be in the American Alliance of Museums.

Within the museum, your group will find over 10,000 permanent collection pieces and 5,000 paintings, photographs, and sculptures, each representing over 3,000 years of creativity ‘from both sides of the border’. This collection is one of the most prominent first-voice institutions for Mexican art and culture in the U.S, home to one of the country's largest art collections (did we mention the 9,000 seminal works from ancient Mexico?). There are over 20 traveling exhibits here as well, several U.S museums desiring a piece of this iconic museum.

This spot is open from 10-5 daily and typically takes groups about 2 hours to explore, with several tours, group visit options, and arts education programs for kids within. Location wise, you can find the National Museum of Mexican Art in the Pilsen neighborhood, the heart of the Mexican community).