National Susan B Anthony Museum and House

National Susan B Anthony Museum and House

Welcome to the former home of legendary women's rights activist Susan B Anthony!

The National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House is a local history gem in Rochester New York, the home turned museum serving as the very site of several important things:

  • Home of Susan B Anthony during much of her activist days
  • The spot of Susan's 1872 infamous voting arrest
  • Headquarters of the National American Woman Suffrage Association
  • The site of Anthony's Death in 1906

Your group will be able to learn all about her life, her social justice work, and her impact on the history of women in America and women in general. You will also be encouraged to make a positive difference in the world just as she did while walking around and being inspired by all her acts of kindness and bravery. There are special programs available for scout groups, school groups, and adult tour groups. Currently, the Exhibit featured within the Visitor Center is Susan B Anthony: American Hero. 

This is truly an 'incredible and inspiring story you don't wanna miss'.