Natural Bridge Caverns

In 1960, four curious university students, operating under the suspicion that there would be an underground system of tunnels in the area, discovered what is now the Natural Bridge Caverns. Currently one of San Antonio's top attractions, the Natural Bridge Caverns continues to wow spectators, astonish observers, and fascinate tourists with its magnificent limestone constructions and geological history.

One of the largest cave systems in the entire state, Natural Bridge Caverns dates back to roughly 20 million years ago when the Balcones Fault Zone settled and the stress on the tectonic plates created what are now underground caves. The erosion which created the wondrous underground landscape happened over the course of several million years as water flowed through the caves, dripping off the rock face, and creating the stalagmite and stalactite formations. You'll learn about all this and more on a guided tour of Natural Bridge Caverns!

There's never a shortage of tours at Natural Bridge Caverns. Your group has the choice of a Lantern Tour, the original and popular Discovery Tour, the Hidden Passages Tour, and even Adventure Tours which allow you to rappel down the rock face into larger caverns and hike deeper into the cave system. After you've toured the caves, head outside to the Canopy Challenge adventure course, pan for gold and gems, or travel just a few miles away to witness the Bracken Bat Flight from Bracken Cave as millions of bats escape from underground.