Nauset Lighthouse

Nauset Lighthouse

Cape Cod is nationally known for its iconic lighthouses scattered about the seashore, especially the Nauset Lighthouse, the most well-known and photographed lighthouse in the area!

This popular red and white beacon was erected in 1923 using the 1877 tower, moved here from what was then Chatham Light. If you want to go back even further in its history, the original station was built in 1838, nicknamed the Three Sisters, as it consisted of 3 lights atop 15-foot brick towers. This was located just about 500 feet east of the current lighthouse. Due to building decomposure and eroding cliffside movement over time, the station has moved several different times, though it has always been restored well to its original glory!

During your visit your group will have the chance to climb to the top of the tower, visit the lookout room, and learn all about the history of the lighthouse, if there is a volunteer onsite that day, that is. (Check out the calendar to be sure there is a tour the day of your visit) Be sure to bring your camera to capture the 'quaint, restored, red and white lighthouse' made of concrete, brick, and cast iron, truly a wonderful seaside sight to see!

While this lighthouse is no longer being utilized by the United States Coast Gaurd, it is used as a private aid for fishing fleets and small recreation boaters. The lighthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places and is run by the Nauset Lighthouse Preservation Society.


There is no charge for tours but we gladly accept donations in any amount to keep the light shining!** - Nauset Lighthouse