Navy Yard

Navy Yard

The Navy Yard, also known as Near Southeast, is a historic DC neighborhood located on the Anacostia River that provides great educational, cultural, and even culinary opportunities for you and your entire group. This entire area is a total of 339 acres, holding a solid population of about 3,000 and welcoming many more in tourism each year. This former shipyard and ordnance plant is technically located right off of Interstate 695, right next to Nats Park and The Yards.

What was once a history and military-focused area is now a hotbed of entertainment, luxury, and relaxation, that is, when you count in the nearby Yards neighborhood as well. You can do practically anything here, from working out or taking a hike to find a brewery or spending the night at a delicious buffet. The Navy Yard area itself has been undergoing renovation since the 1990s, slowly transforming from an industrial neighborhood to a commercial and entertainment haven, with several parks, riverwalk trails, and retail shops well underway. The Washington National Major League Baseball team helps out with expansion a lot, as well.

When you explore this neighborhood within Ward 6 you will be able to see historic buildings such as the Eighth Brick Sugar House on Square 744, the oldest in the area, and learn all about why, and for exactly how long, this was the nation’s largest naval shipbuilding facility and longest continuously operated federal facility, as well as enjoy excellent riverfront views and great dining opportunities!


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