NM Museum of Natural History and Science

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

Marcin Wichary New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

Marcin Wichary New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

Welcome to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, one of the most popular educational centers in the state. Located on Mountain Road near Old Town, Albuquerque, this natural history and science museum features exhibits, gems, dinosaur skeletons, and even a unique time-travel simulation ride that all work together nicely to provide guests with a comprehensive overview of the local natural history and scientific elements. The museum 'works to preserve and interpret the distinct natural and scientific heritage of the state,’ a task that it has done very well since first opening in 1986.

Inside you will have several different options for educational entertainment, from the onsite Planetarium to the popular Lockheed Martin Dynatheater. Head to the Planetarium to see art, science, and fun blended together within the 55’ Sky Skan Definiti-Fulldome Theater, education and entertainment blended perfectly within the various astronomy and space science productions. Learn about constellations or fractal zooms with various shows such as Enchanted Skies and Earth’s Wild Ride. Within the Lockheed theater, you can experience more digital 3D fun with such films as Galapagos or Incredible Predators.

As far as exhibits themselves go be prepared to be astounded in such themed areas as Emergence, T.Rex Attack, Hall of Stars, or FossilWorks. You can even head to the hands-on Naturalist Center for more in-depth learning. There are specific and general exhibit tours given regularly, each one equally fact and fun-filled. There are also regular events such as summer camps and classes that may be available to your group during your visit. Before you leave the museum head to NatureWorks Discovery Store and check out all the informational books, toys, and games available for your group!