New Orleans Jazz Museum

New Orleans Jazz Museum

The New Orleans Jazz Museum celebrates the history of jazz, in all its forms, through dynamic interactive exhibits, multi-generational educational programming, research facilities, and engaging musical performances.

Welcome to the New Orleans Jazz Museum, the historic 1835 mint turned museum that holds both coin exhibits and an upper-level jazz venue and museum. The museum is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history of jazz music, providing diverse resources for musicians and music lovers of all types.

This museum is strategically located at the intersection of the French Quarter and Frenchmen Street's live music corridor, sitting in the heart of the city's vibrant music scene. Inside you will find dynamic interactive exhibits, multi-generational education programs, research facilities, and engaging musical performances regularly. It is one of the best places to explore jazz music, which is considered to be 'one of the most innovative and historically pivotal musical art forms in the world.

At the Jazz Museum, you will find a diverse collection of instruments, including Louis Armstrong's first cornet, Fats Domino's piano, and Warren "Baby" Dodds' drum kit; sheet music; photography; paintings; and interactive music displays and listening stations. In addition to its exhibitions, the New Orleans Jazz Museum hosts more than 365 programs annually, including 15 festivals.


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