Niagara Aerospace Museum

aerospaceThis fantastic institution located in the old terminal building at the Niagara Falls International Airport is a must-see for aviation aficionados and history buffs, alike. Visitors will find, in the museum’s carefully assembled collection, wonderful evidence of the rich past and an ongoing record of the high technology that has been an integral part of the fascinating industrial landscape of Western New York. The Aerospace Museum strives to maintain this evidence as a component of the collective consciousness of the area and offers a fine, relevant collection of over 100 years of aviation artifacts, exhibits and related graphic and written materials and authentic and replica historic aircraft - the first U.S. commercially licensed helicopter – the Bell Model 47, a Bell Rocket Belt – made famous in the Bond movie “Thunderball” and an authentic WWII Russian Pilots Uniform among them. In addition to implementing extensive educational programming focusing on the area’s role in the nation’s aerospace history, the Museum is loyal to the continuation of their extensive artifact restoration program – including its most recent acquisition of the P-39 Aerocobra.