Niagara Power Vista

Niagara Power Vista

An exciting and interactive adventure designed for inquisitive minds of all ages.

Welcome to the Niagara Power Vista, a part of the New York Power Authority. This Lewiston local learning center is free for guests and provides several hands-on interactive exhibits, a thrilling 4D ride, and unbeatable views of the dam and Niagara River Gorge.

The place 'where science meets the playground', Niagara Power Vista helps guests understand electricity, learn about the Robert Moses Dam, experience the Van de Graaff Generator, and so much more. Explore over 50 interactive exhibits covering hydroelectricity, learn about the geology of Niagara, design your own dam, operate your own power grid during a storm, and take in the views from the onsite observation deck 350 feet above the Niagara River Gorge.

Of course, be sure to save plenty of time to experience the Power Up! Simulator, the thrilling 4D ride that takes you 'plummeting from the sky and into the Niagara River; shooting through the penstocks and swirling around a spinning turbine; then zipping at high speeds along high-tension power lines across the landscapes of New York State.' Talk about an exciting adventure!

After your visit, you will understand why over 7 million guests have visited so far and why USA Today has named this attraction one of the 10 Best in Niagara.