Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum

Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum

Associated with the Smithsonian, the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum is a state of the art, world-class institution applauding and preserving the realm of historic and contemporary design. The only museum of its kind, the Cooper-Hewitt is a fabulous wealth of knowledge and inspiration for visitors of all ages.

From the mansion in which it is housed to its stunning collections, the Cooper-Hewitt is head to toe focused on design. Learn about what design means, what it entails, learn how masters like the animators at Pixar and even fashion designers take various mediums and turn them into glorious masterpieces. But design didn't just begin in the last century. The Cooper-Hewitt travels back in time over thirty centuries to bring all aspects of historic design to your attention. Prints from the 16th century, a brightly colored poster from 1979, a perpetual calendar from 1594, TV sets, textiles, natural elements of beauty, and stunning creations of inspiring talent fill the galleries.

The Cooper-Hewitt supports and offers educational programs for families, students, and groups. The museum is affiliated not only with the Smithsonian but also the Harlem Design Center and on-site, you can see the labs and educational resources that the museum makes available for university students and aspiring designers.


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