NYC Hat Factory

The NYC Hat Factory, or sometimes just referred to as The Factory, is an integral part of New York City’s rich fashion history and has been since 1974. This popular factory is located in Manhattan and has produced hundreds upon hundreds of popular ‘hats that have shaped and styled many entertainment industries’. The hats produced here have been worn by the likes of such iconic heads as Frank Sinatra, Brad Pitt, Spike Lee, Madonna, and Kim Kardashian.

The best thing about this place is that each hat is made by hand in the factory, the workers and designers still using age old technology that allows them to hand block the hats over wooden hat frames, a truly amazing thing to see for yourself! The factory has the capabilities to make and find materials, produce, sample, tour, shop, and even engage in private partnerships. Inside you will see everything from baseball caps to cowboy hats, fedoras to floppy hats, making this the perfect place for students with a passion for hat fashion!

Please note that if it is more convenient there is also a similar company located nearby in Manhattan called ‘Makin’ Hat’s, a popular installation that provides the ‘ultimate luxury hat-making experience’, providing the same hand-crafted, fitted, and personal design process at The Factory.