Ocean Gallery

Ocean Gallery

 “The most important person to ever visit Ocean Gallery is you!

Welcome to one of Ocean City's most iconic local attractions, or rather, oddities, the Ocean Gallery!

This art gallery is loud, neon-clad and proud, a beachside boardwalk staple for over 50 years now. Inside you will find posters, original paintings, limited edition prints, custom-framed images, and so much more. The gallery boasts 'more art per square inch than most, if not all, in the universe'. That's quite the statement!

The owner, KroArt, is oftentimes called the P.T Barnum of Fine Arts, his unique art gallery known as the only recycled building in Ocean City, as well as the only building boasting its very own Batmobile.

Eclectic? Yes. Fun? Definitely yes.


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