Old Red Museum of Dallas County

If you truly want to get to know Dallas then you definitely need to stop here, the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture. This highly historic and beautifully restored spot displays practically everything you need to know about the region, and it presents it in an easy to understand and entertaining way, making this the perfect educational travel spot for your big group! You’ll know you’ve found Old Red when you see it, the building on South Houston Street providing a dramatic viewing of a grandiose red sandstone courthouse, the property first built here in 1890. The location of this spot is actually perfect, sitting at the crossroads of activity in downtown Dallas. You can see Dealey Plaza and the JFK Memorial right within walking distance of this building, as well as several eating and shopping (and just plain sightseeing) opportunities all around.

Inside you will find exhibits featuring the city annals and various artifacts, the collections together representing the rich and varied culture, economics, politics, and social history of the Dallas Courthouse. The building itself is considered to be a symbol of Dallas heritage. Find fascinating historical artifacts within the special exhibit gallery on the first floor and then head upstairs to find the touch screen computers, education center, more exhibits, and 4 mini theaters. Groups may request tours for free and see either the general tour of the museum or a special building tour. Take a peek at the 1892 restored courtroom, shop for souvenirs and educational items, and hear all about the people and events that shaped the Dallas region.