Oregon Orchard Hazelnuts

hazelnuts oregon orchardThe Oregon Orchard is a vast hazelnut orchard known across the country for its online and on-site store, The Growers Store. This orchard is known as the place to get quality hazelnuts, a company that began as a small coop of Oregon hazelnut growers in 1984 and quickly turned into the largest supplier of quality Oregon hazelnuts in North America. This orchard takes pride in its age old tradition of growing and harvesting quality hazelnuts on site, and is backed by strict Oregon grade standards and frequent USDA inspections. There is no better place to go nuts (hazelnuts that is) than here at the Oregon Orchard!

If you visit the orchard itself your group will find delicious hazelnut products suitable for every palate and taste bud in your group, including salted, roasted, sweet, and crunchy varieties in many different forms. You can choose between natural hazelnuts, mint chocolate chip hazelnuts, jalapeno hazelnuts, hickory smoked hazelnuts, and even cherry chocolate hazelnuts! See how they are grown and harvested while here, and also see all the varieties of products being prepared and packaged to sell across America on their vast online market. You will learn while here that 99% of American hazelnuts were grown in the rich soil of this Willamette Valley location, the gentle climate and abundant rain making for larger nuts with way more flavor than than average nut. Enjoy learning all about the art of growing quality hazelnuts, observing successful small business techniques, and of course eating all the hazelnuts you can handle!