Blizzard Beach


As the story goes, Blizzard Beach was once a popular ski resort that melted, forming what is now a frosty wonderland of waterpark rides and Disney charm. Splash in the pools or slide down the thrilling "ski-slope" runs at this amazing and refreshing summer destination.

The park's main attraction is Mount Gushmore where you can find rides like Downhill Double Dipper, a competitive racing slide where you can beat your friends to the finish line, a massive pool at the bottom. Others include Slusher Gusher, a 90 foot long super slide, and Summit Plummet, one of the tallest and fastest freefall body slides in the world!

For those wanting a slower paced, summer heat cooling ride, check out Snow Stormers, a calmer paced slide, or even Teamboat Springs where you can relax with your groupmates on the water. Runoff Rapids and Meltaway Bay make for great pool swimming excitement while the Cross Country Creek is a scenic lazy river that everyone will enjoy.

When it's hot outside and you're craving some waterpark fun, there's no better place to be than Blizzard Beach at Walt Disney World!