Discovery Cove

An Experience Like No OtherDiscovery Cove is a family-friendly, exciting tropical adventure that invites you to interact with wildlife in a unique, gorgeous setting. Discovery Cove is sure to provide you and your group with everything you need for a perfect day. Swim with dolphins, play with monkeys, and let exotic birds feed on the palm of your hand. Meet aquatic creatures big and small or leave the water behind for a day walking tour of Explorer’s Aviary and the animals of the land and air. Laid out along the winding artificial river and exhibits, Discovery Cove is an amazing opportunity to discover up-close the world in which these animals live.

Whether you are a family, student, or social group, there is a tour package right for you. Take part in the park’s new SeaVenture, an underwater walking tour that lets you meet the animals in their own world while you wear a diving helmet. Wade and wander through the Freshwater Oasis, snorkel with otters and play with marmosets in the water-filled trails or explore the Grand Reef and watch sharks swim below you or swim inches away from manta rays. You can even become a Trainer for a Day to get even more one-on-one time with the animals and learn about how the keepers take care of them.