Typhoon Lagoon

300x300 typhoon lagoonHome to one of the world's largest outdoor wave pools, Typhoon Lagoon is a fabulous Walt Disney World waterpark perfect for that break in touring and exploring the other parks. On those hot summer days, grab a swimsuit and some groupmates and head over to the Lagoon where you'll find rides and pools galore.

Admitting roughly 2.2 million visitors every year, Typhoon Lagoon is popular for a reason. Around every corner you'll find Disney themed stations, decorations, hospitality, and of course rides. Following the theme of a tropical storm-ravaged bay, here you'll find ships on top of mountain peaks, surfboards in trees, and much more!

This oasis has everything from lazy rivers and giant pools to grand and thrilling slides and group activities. Animal encounters can also be found in Typhoon Lagoon with attractions such as the Shark Reef where you can swim across a manmade coral reef filled with leopard and bonnethead sharks, sting rays, and blue tang fish (just like Dory from Finding Nemo!). Storm Slides and Keelhaul Falls offer up easy enjoyment while rides like Gangplank Falls and Crush 'n' Gusher make you scream in thrilling joy as you rocket down the slides and rapids.

As the second most visited waterpark in the world, Typhoon Lagoon is the perfect place to spend a day...or two, on your trip to Walt Disney World.