OUE Skyspace

OUE Skyspace

Building View Credit OUE Skyspace

If you are in L.A and you are looking for a great thrill or a great (maybe the greatest) view, you need to head over to OUE Skyspace! OUE Skyspace is the incomparable viewing experience located at the top of the iconic U.S Bank Tower, about 1,000 feet above downtown L.A. This is the tallest building west of the Mississippi and the thirteenth tallest in the United States!

This attraction is full of entertainment and excitement, with unobstructed 360-degree views of the city, several interactive digital features, and even the ultimate thrill known as the Skyslide. See everything in L.A from Dodger Stadium to Griffith Hall, the Hollywood Sign to Santa Monica Pier. You and your group will literally be able to see the San Gabriel Mountains to the Pacific Ocean!

On your way up to the observation decks, two open-air terraces 2,800 square feet surrounding by glass balustrades, you will be able to enjoy various different educational and entertaining digital elements. Experience legendary stories in a fully immersive and reimagined way through dynamic storytelling touchpoints. Learn about Los Angeles and your Skyspace journey in a 360 theatre, strike a pose as you live a day in the life with a red-carpet experience, listen & learn the history of music in LA, take a peek behind the curtain with some of the most iconic sports brands and create your own graffiti art on 3 interactive screens. Once at the top of the Overseas Union Enterprise building, you can also take a quick (and we mean quick!) ride down the Skyslide, the super thrilling 45-foot long outdoor glass slide that connects the 70th Floor to the East Observation Terrace. Talk about adventure!

If you come to Skyspace with a group you can look into group sales and admission specials, which include a group photo, discount at the retail gift store on-site, and a guide by request! Either way, you definitely won’t want to miss out on this L.A hotspot next time you visit!

*Skyspace also accepts student performance groups at this venue, so all dance, band, and choir groups, be sure to check out that opportunity before you come to L.A.