Paisley Park

Paisley Park

 “Paisley Park is pretty much representative of everything I am musically”. - Prince

Welcome to Paisley Park, Prince's 'mythical creative sanctuary' located in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Paisley Park is a recording studio, Prince's private estate, and production complex. Inside you will see artifacts from his life, with guided tours of the grounds now available. This is an unprecedented opportunity to experience first hand what it was like for Prince to create, produce, and perform inside his private sanctuary. "Love, freedom, connection, community and spirituality are all ever-present at Paisley Park."

Prince designed Paisley Park with the capabilities to handle music recordings, clothing production, artwork, graphic design, music videos, and full-length films. He himself did many of these things here, some albums recorded here including Lovesexy, Batman, Diamond and Pearls, The Black Album, and more. There have also been many other performers recording here, including Neil Young, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Celine Dion.


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