Palatki and Honanki Heritage Site

palatki ruinThe Palatki Heritage Site and Ruins are located in Coconino National Forest and sit alongside their sister site Honanki. These two sites combined made up the largest dwellings in Red Rock County between 1150 and 1350 AD, a time when the Sinagua people of the Ancient Pueblo tribes settled in this area, as well as many other Native American tribal groups. Your group will have the opportunity to see these ancient cliff dwellings and pictographs that are sheltered by colorful cliffs or red canyon. One of the first people to find these pictographs was the famous turn of the century archaeologist and member of the Smithsonian institute Dr. Fewkes, who actually named these locations himself. Palatki, in Hopi means "Red House," and Honanki means "Badger House."

Once here, your group will have the chance to take one of three trails in the area, one leading to the Sinagua cliff dwellings, one giving a great view of the dwellings, and another one showing the alcoves with painted symbols and pictographs from Verde Valley cultures throughout history. All of these trails are just quarter a mile one way, making them easily accessible. The pictograph trail does have about 50 uneven rock steps, however. If you stay on the Honanki side you can participate in some Jeep tour excursions, or explore the old pottery artifacts or crop history of the area at the small visitor center and bookstore. See the two pueblos in Palatki that were built under south-facing overhangs and really immerse yourself into the natural beauty and cultural history found in every direction.