Panama City Beach Pier

Pier stretching out over a Gulf of Mexico ocean beachThe Panama City Beach Pier, or Russell Fields Pier, is the massive and highly beloved concrete pier jutting out 1,500 feet from the sandy shores of Panama City beach into the Gulf of Mexico. The City Pier is the exact twin to the County Pier, the M.B Miller Pier. Russell Fields was completed in 2009, M.B Miller in 2010. This pier is one of the area’s most popular tourist attractions, as well as the longest pier on the Gulf! The Russell Fields Pier is a fantastic spot for fishing, as well as watching the sunrise or sunset each day along the seemingly endless ocean side views. There are amazing marine life viewing opportunities, many guests walking away having caught glimpse of a jellyfish, dolphin, or any of the local fish, including the cobla, king mackerel, red fish, pompano, flounder, hardtails, and blueliners. Upon quick observation it is easy to see why this is the most successful local fisherman's hangout!

This concrete pier was built to resist hurricane damage and costs only a small fee to access, with additional boat rental properties available nearby as well. Enjoy a stroll along the pier and watch the swirling emerald waters set as the backdrop for an epic fish catch, or perhaps just head over the Pier Park nearby. This park holds over 120 popular stores and eateries, providing a great additional activity to the pier. Shop here for a bit or perhaps go eat or play at Dave and Busters, Margaritaville, or any local seafood shacks or bars. Again if you aren’t quite satisfied head over to Panama City Beach to catch a glimpse of the several various outdoor recreation and relaxation opportunities provided amid the golden sand and sun!