Paws for Adventure Tour

Stop by Paws for Adventure in Fairbanks for the thrill of a lifetime as you can choose between a 30 minute or full hour ride with a pack of trained dogs! Between October and April the dog mushing business booms, and this company gives you the opportunity to experience the thrill of a dog-powered transportation system and adventure of the cross-country snow trip while still allowing you to feel safe and comfortable with an experienced musher on board at all times. Choose between sitting closer to the action in the riding basket or stand up and ride like the pros behind the musher. This action packed route will take you uphill, downhill, and through the thick spruce forest, letting you truly feel the power and eagerness of the hardworking huskies.huskies-273409_1280

The Alaskan Huskies used for this enterprise are of the same breed used for long-distance races, such as the Iditarod. Paws for Adventure has a kennel that normally holds around 40-50 dogs, which you can still visit without taking a ride. The dogs have come from a long line of selective breeding, with the purpose of weaning out the best race dogs while still preserving the race species. Get ready for a lot of personality, and we're not talking about the mushers! The dogs are all well-behaved and have very unique personalities, from possessive to goofy to energetic. And don’t forget, they love doing this so you should love watching this amazing act of animal and man vs. nature as you ride smoothly along the scenic Fairbanks countryside!