Pentagon Memorial

Begin your visit to our nation’s capital with a stop at the somber, impressive, and overall truly moving Pentagon Memorial. This memorial is just southwest of the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia, a permanent outdoor memorial dedicated to the 184 victims of the tragic September 11th attacks, people who were either in the building or on the American Airlines Flight 77. Walk through the sea of 184 granite covered benches, each engraved with the names of the victims. Learn all about the events of 9/11, the stories of the victims and heroes, the role of the Department of Defense and Pentagon, and the United States’ plan for preventing future attacks.

This memorial is intended to be "a place of solace and healing, and a reminder to future generations to renew their faith in and commitment to the values that citizens of a free world share." You can choose to simply walk around at your own pace, or call ahead and order a pre-recorded audio tour. All of this was made possible by the Pentagon Memorial Fund, a fund which also provides new educational resources and outreach opportunities for visitors frequently. This is one American memorial you won't regret visiting!