Performing Arts Land and Sea

460613_270260019719162_1625034096_oIf you are looking for a great opportunity to both set sail and strut your stuff, musically, that is, then the Performing Arts Consultants Festival at Sea is the perfect option for you and your group! This cruise line offers all the best in adjudicated and non-adjudicated performances, both on board their luxury ships and at various ports of call. The Performing Arts Consultants specialize in instrumental or choral group performance options, the cruise company able to give groups that perform with them onboard clinics, written and digitally recorded evaluations, and rankings for their performances based on National Standards. This means that your group will have all the best opportunities to perform, receive critique, and learn from professionals what they could do to improve, and essential process for each young musician.

This company specifically specializes in Spring Festivals, as the name im11073092_10153358904316842_7370107175690361109_nplies, both on
land and at sea. The land festivals include major cities such as Virginia Beach, Atlanta, D.C, Gatlinburg, and Chicago, while the music festivals at sea include several various ports of call, such as several cities throughout Florida, California, Hawaii, Alabama, Texas, South Carolina, and Maryland. That’s one extremely great thing about booking with the Performing Arts Consultants; they make getting there truly easy, with all their conveniently spread out docking locations!

The Performing Arts Consultants will provide your group with adventures into unique cultures and vibrant atmospheres, with several youth education stops and snorkel/swim spots. It will be apparent, once here, why this company likes to boast a fleet of the ‘largest cruise lines in the world’, the entire collection the perfect way to get in a fun, educational, and performance filled trip!