Fort Mifflin

Fort Mifflin

Fort Mifflin is the only fort located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the only intact Revolutionary War battlefield. The location is considered to be a national historic landmark. There are events throughout the year that highlight the Fort’s long service to the United States. They feature uniformed or period attired interpretive guides and reenactors. Student group tours are available during the year.

During the visit, the students will stand on a Revolutionary War battlefield, inside a Civil War prison and next to a magazine storing gunpowder during World War II. The location also offers educational programs for students of all ages. Featured programs include the following: Stars and Stripes: The American Flag Story, A Soldier’s Story: Revolutionary War Soldier Life, A Soldier's Story: Civil War Life, and Blood, Sweat and Tears Civil War Medicine.

During A Soldier’s Story: Revolutionary War Soldier Life, the students will learn about how late 18th century soldiers lived prior to the war, the recruitment process, what type of training they received, the items issued, and what the conditions were like in the field, specifically at Fort Mifflin in 1777. One of the students will get the opportunity to wear the outfit of a soldier along with the equipment required by a soldier in 1777.


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