Philander Smith College Tour

Philander Smith College

The College's mission is to graduate academically accomplished students, grounded as advocates for social justice, determined to change the world for the better. - PSC

Welcome to Philander Smith College, the 4-year liberal arts institution that offers excellent academics, student life, and religious opportunities.

This university was founded in 1877 and is a historically black school. It is a United Methodist Church affiliate as well as the founding member of the United Negro College Fund. You will find 4 major degrees offered here including Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Social Work. The school boasts an excellent academic record and a 16 to 1 teacher/student ratio.

During your group's visit to Philander, you will be able to tour the campus, check out res life within the dorms and dining halls, and meet with financial aid advisors, teachers, and students. If you are serious about possibly attending the university in the future you can even set up a class sit-in.

For a fun additional activity at the college, check to see if there are any exciting Panthers basketball games happening during your visit!