Pigeon Forge Mill

Pigeon Forge Mill

Old Mill in Pigeon Forge

Old Mill in Pigeon Forge - Smoky Mountains area

Pigeon Forge

Welcome to Pigeon Forge Mill, otherwise known as The Old Mill, a 1830s Grist Mill located just about 16 minutes away from Gatlinburg. This attraction is a unique opportunity to get to know the local history of the region, an immersive experience that shows you the ins and outs of the mill with a comprehensive site tour and dinner options straight from the frontier days.

This entire complex contains two country cooking eateries, the historic mill, a pottery store, candy store, creamery, distillery, and even a clothing and toy shop. Located on Old Mill Avenue, fittingly, this is the premier place in Pigeon Forge to have some good ole fashioned family fun, as well as eat culturally significant foods and admire local artisan pottery! You will really get the sense of the welcome present in their motto "from our door to yours since 1830".

Once here you and your group will have the tough choice of choosing between the Old Mill Restaurant or Pottery House Cafe and Grille to fill your bellies, as both are really delicious and excellent choices. At the Old Mill, you will be able to enjoy a family style southern meal immersed in the history of the mill itself, you’ll even see the giant stones turned by the river. At the Pottery House, you can enjoy outdoor fountain side seating or an inviting cozy dining room, as well as freshly baked artisan-style loaves of bread made from their own grains.

After you eat head to the general store to pick up some cornmeal, flour, grits, oats, or pancake mix, or maybe the pantry for some jarred goods. The candy store offers the best homemade fudge, chocolate, licorice, and toffee (plus some really good rock candy), and there is so much more to see at the distillery, creamery, farmhouse barn, clothing store, and pottery shop! This is a really great balance of fun, history, culture, food, and shopping all in one!