Pilgrim Hall Museum

Pilgrim Hall Museum

“The mission of the Pilgrim Society and Pilgrim Hall Museum is to achieve worldwide awareness of the Pilgrims’ significance as an enduring narrative of America’s founding.”

Come, explore, and learn at Pilgrim Hall Museum, the oldest public museum in the United States in continuous operation; first opened to the public in 1824. The museum showcases various possessions of the early Pilgrims, some of which are believed to have been on the Mayflower.

Inside the museum, your group will be able to explore 3 different galleries. See William Bradford's Bible, Myles Standish's sword, Edward Winslow's portrait (the only pilgrim portrait painted from life), and Peregrine White’s cradle!

Your group may opt-in to take a docent-led group tour or just explore at your own pace. A guided docent-led tour of Pilgrim Hall Museum includes a viewing of the 15-minute film, “One Small Candle”, and may also include participation in a Treasure Hunt activity that will allow your group to learn more about the story of the Pilgrims, who came to start a new life in a new land, and about the Wampanoag, the Native peoples who were already living in the area when the Pilgrims arrived in 1620.

Be sure to ask about the special Burial Hill Tour add-on program led by Donna Curtin, Executive Director! For more information, visit www.pilgrimhallmuseum.org