Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles Park Pixabay Public Domain

In lovely Monterey County only five miles from historic Soledad, California, in the Salinas Valley, Pinnacles National Park protects over 26,000 acres of rock formations created by an ancient extinct volcano.

Originally, the park was established as a national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1908, though in 2013 President Obama signed it into full national park status. Regardless of status, people have been visiting the park for generations to view the incredible rock formations which soar into the air, the released California condors and prairie falcons, and enjoy the thrilling activities available.

The park's wide expanse is separated into two halves, divided by the rock pinnacles. Rock climbers head to the west stretch where they'll find high rock walls perfect for scaling, while travelers to the east discover cool shade and refreshing watering holes. Hiking trails are perhaps the most popular activity and allow visitors to also enjoy animal viewing and bird watching. As mentioned above, the park is home to one of the highest populations of prairie falcons and has been part of a California condor re-establishment program since 2003. Other wildlife includes bobcats, peregrine falcons, coyotes, California quail, wild turkey, and bats which frequent the many caves throughout the park.

Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy touring this beautiful park. Learn more about the park's geology and wildlife through ranger-led programs, explore the Talus caves formed centuries ago by volcanic activity, camp under the stars, and more!