Pioneer Courthouse Square

The Milepost Sign at Pioneer Courthouse Square, in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Steve Morgan.

Photo by Steve Morgan.

Affectionately known as Portland's living room, this square located in the heart of downtown Portland is the city’s premiere public park and gathering space, one of the most successful public spaces in the entire United States. As a matter of fact, the Pioneer Courthouse Square is known as the world’s fourth best public square! The square opened in 1984, a homage to the 1875 courthouse it sits next to. This beloved urban park hosts over 300 programmed event days per year, an impressive feat that is also a community driven initiative.

Once here your group will be able to stroll around the many outdoor attractions, ranging from impressive outdoor art and fountains to food carts and various sidewalk vendors. Stroll around the busy streets and see the Visitor Info Center, the TriMet Bus Station (a truly great way to get around downtown), the KGW HD Studio on the Square, the Theater, pink trolley, or famous Spellbound flower Dutch Cargo Bike. Take part in any of the many scheduled events, such as the Holiday Ale Fest, Portland Artisan Festival, or Lights on the Mall. Food wise your group will find food carts carrying such items as burritos, Philly cheesesteak, burgers and hotdogs, and coffee! Take a photo with the 33 foot tall Weather Machine, bronze Umbrella Man statue, Milepost Sign, or historic iron gateway. This is a great way to immerse yourself into the local culture and have some fun all at the same time!