Pittock Mansion

Pittock_Mansion_(north_side)The Pittock Mansion was home to Portland pioneers Henry and Georgiana Pittock from 1914 to 1919 and serves the city of Portland as a historical home with a gentle reminder of its humble beginnings. Here you will see how the lives of these two Portland pioneers directly affected the growth of the city! Both people dedicated their lives to work, community service, and family, creating and establishing many city traditions and establishments such as the Rose Festival/Parade and the Ladies Relief Society and Women's Union. Henry Pittock was actually part of the party to first reach the top of Mt. Hood too, making the couple a sort of jack-of-all-trades pairing.

Once here you will see an eclectic architectural design and richly decorated interior, the later filled with family artifacts educating guests on the family history in regards to the blossoming of Portland as a city. Outside you will see the origin of the annual Rose Festival, as Georgiana loved to tend to her terraced flower garden outside. This house of historic significance and visual magnificence offers a uniquely personal opportunity to peek into the past and study Portland as it was, providing both regional and historical insight in one! Visit the museum store before you go, located in the garage. Here you can connect with the family and city history even more through the period decor and accessories as well as the historical books, toys, games, and holiday decor!