Plattsburgh Air Force Base

jet-112094_1280The Plattsburgh Air Force Base is a highly historical, hugely informational, and speculatively mysterious site in the extreme northeast corner of New York, just 20 miles south of the Canadian border. To the west of this base sits the scenic shores of Lake Champlain, and to the east lies the Vermont border. Established as a U.S. military air force base in 1955, this site is actually known as the oldest military post in the United States, the entire site having participated in every major American War, from the Revolutionary War to Operation Desert Storm. The base closed in 1995 and has since then become a highly traversed, often visited war site.

While here your group can explore the 2014 established museum, highlighting 40 years of United States Air Force presence in Plattsburgh. You will learn about how this area was mainly a bomber wing during WWII and the Cuban Missile Crisis, its current management by the Air Force Civil Engineering Center, and about the 12 Atlas F Missile Sites you can still see today. Many people are also drawn to this 3,447 acre former air force base due to the legends and lore floating around about "Phoenix Undead" and the rumored psy-ops programs that have possibly taken place here under the command of Eric Harris. There is rumored to be a vast 18-level subterranean facility under the over two mile long runway, in which it is believed mind control tests used to happen in the 1960s and in which particle accelerators and beam research is conducted today!