Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock, Plymouth, MA, jjron 03.05.2012.jpgMarking the site of first contact from the original pilgrims' ship the Mayflower, Plymouth Rock stands today as a commemorative marker of our nation's birth. Plymouth is the historic site where Plymouth Colony first began in 1620, remembered still today as the site where our Thanksgiving traditions began.

While the location of the Rock has been changed over the years, the memorial still stands. It is not so much the exactness of the site that counts but that we can visit the place where it all began, where religious freedom was founded and where independence was first sought. This important symbol of American history is engraved with the year 1620 to remember the pilgrims who settled in Plymouth even though the first written reference of the pilgrims landing on a rock didn't occur until 1715. The famed Plymouth Rock is open for visitors in Plymouth Harbor outside of Boston.