Pocono Snake & Animal Farm

Pocono Snake & Animal Farm

More fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Visiting the Pocono's with a group of younger kiddos? The Pocono Snake & Animal Farm is the perfect attraction to let them explore the wonderful world of wildlife!

This family-run wildlife park has been around for over 40 years now, considered to be the perfect 'starter zoo' for little ones. There are several different reptiles and exotic animals inside the park, from Madagascan ring-tailed lemurs and black leopards to pot-bellied pigs and deer. There are several playful monkeys throughout the park, such as 30-year-old monkey Fred, whom you will have to save time to meet during your visit.

Guests can visit the petting area, bottle-feed deer and goats, feed monkeys, pet rabbits, and meet Blackberry, the highly personable female resident black bear. Of course, the park also holds one of the most interesting collections of reptiles in the area, including the largest python in the nation, measuring in at 24 feet! There are many rattlesnakes, cobras, and an impressive 100-year-old, 150-pound alligator snapping turtle to visit, plus much more.

Each spring and fall field trip groups will have educational program options to learn more in-depth details about the animals throughout the park, their natural habitats, and other conservation-related topics.

It is recommended to save about an hour to see the full attraction!


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