Ponce De Leon Lighthouse

unnamedPonce De Leon Lighthouse

The Ponce De Leon Lighthouse is located in Daytona Beach, Florida. The structure is 125 years old. Student groups can participate in several interesting activities here, featured activities including climbing the tower, taking a tour of the Keeper's Dwellings, exploring the Oil House, walking through the Lens Museum, visiting the Cuban Raft Enclosure examining the Radio Generator Room, looking at the Coastal Hammock, watching a film titled ”A Heritage Remembered,” and browsing the Ponce De Leon Gift Shop.

The tower at the location stands 175 feet. It is located above the World’s Most Famous Beach. During the climb, the students will be guided by the Light Inlet Station’s historic keepers. Once at the top, they will be able to observe the breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean, inlet, and the inland waterways. On the tour of the Keeper’s Dwellings, your group will examine exhibits that are related to the interesting history of Ponce De Inlet Station, the United States Lighthouse Service, and the local area. There are three separate structures that were built in 1887, which had no running water, indoor plumbing, electricity, or air conditioning. This would have made life tough at the turn of the century. The Lens Museum houses the First Ponce Inlet fixed Fresnel lens as well as the Cape Canaveral First Order rotating Fresnel lens. There are other exhibits to view in the museum as well. Come with your student group and experience this fascinating historical attraction!