Portland Children’s Museum

The Portland Children’s Museum is a spectacular museum that treasures playful learning. Located in Washington Park, adjacent to the Oregon Zoo, the museum uses familiar materials to craft priceless opportunities for children to learn through play. Inspired by early childhood schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, this establishment relies on inquiry-based learning strategies and is influenced by a strong image of children as innovative, creative, and resourceful. The museum is dedicated to an audience of children, and adults who take care of children, and provides immersive experiences such as the Opal School for preschoolers and the Elementary school for K-5.

The museum also offers the Museum Center for Learning, the place within the Children’s Museum that makes visible ways for children to think, imagine, design, innovate, and create! Take any of the many arts and sciences camps or classes, educational workshops, summer symposiums, parties, field trips, or just take some educational materials. Inside you will see why over 313,000 visitors a year come through here, creating a family tradition that will last through generations as you explore such exhibits as Building Bridgetown, Pet Hospital, Vroom Room, or the current featured special exhibit, Blue Man Group Making Waves. This entire museum will spark a love of learning and discovery in all who visit!