Portland Rose Festival Parade

Each year Portland, Oregon, hosts the largest all-floral parade in the entire world, the Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade. This largely-followed event happens in early June each year and is considered to be Oregon’s biggest spectator event, drawing crowds of around 500,000 people consistently. For a total of over 100 years now Portland families and several other visitors from across the nation have been making special memories at the Grand Floral Parade, the entire event a colorful (literally) reflection of local, regional, and international communities, flavors, and, of course, flowers.

The parade typically features around 15 different all-floral floats, 15-20 marching bands, 20 equestrian units, and numerous other exciting performers, cultural groups, and local officials/stars. You will see the royal court and award-winners of the parade, as well as all of the various marching bands that you will be joining in performance. The route you will all take is about 4.3 miles long total, running from the Memorial Coliseum to gorgeous downtown Portland, the perfect route to sight-see the city before really getting your chance to sight-see the city. After the parade take advantage of this Portland opportunity and see all the local sights, eat all the local foods, and enjoy all the outstanding local scenery. Did we mention Portland has amazing coffee and donuts, so if you happen to need a pre-parade snack head over to Voodoo Doughnuts for some marching fuel!