Portland Spirit Cruise

Get ready to set sail on a highly entertaining, highly gorgeous, and highly fun two hour cruise along the river with this Portland Spirit Cruise. This popular Oregon cruise line offers many different cruises, the most popular being the dining and sightseeing cruises. Your group will have to make the tough decision once here whether to take the Dinner, Lunch, Brunch, Oregon City, Radical '80s Dance, Queen Melissa Tea, Sightseeing, Friday Early Escape, or Cinnamon Bear Cruise. The Downtown Dinner or Lunch Cruise tend to be the flagship (pun intended) choices with this cruise line, offering show stopping views, fantastic cuisine, and unbelievable entertainment and performances. The vibrant setting is enhanced by dazzling city sights and lights, and the scents of festive and local delicious foods.

The Portland Spirit Vessel itself is the popular 150 foot yacht that has three public decks, two of which are enclosed and climate controlled.The outside decks can seat 340 people, and the interior can hold a reception of 450 guests. The ship features Northwest cuisine, full service bars, several grand pianos, a singing wait staff, and even a marble dance floor. There are several romantic options, business group options, and family dining options, but if you have small children you may want to consider the Cinnamon Bear Cruise, the two hour holiday children’s cruise featuring magic shows, story time, and holiday caroling. Before you go be sure to pick up your commemorative Captain’s Photo (though the entire cruise is a great photo opp in itself) or stop by the gift shop for book, toy, or clothing item as a souvenir!