Powell’s City of Books

1280px-PowellsBookstoreLocated in Portland’s downtown Pearl District your group will find the premiere bookstore, Powell’s City of Books. This landmark, multi-level source for new and used books is the largest bookstore of its sort in the world, occupying an entire city block in the busy bustling streets of downtown Portland. There are over one million books within the walls of this bibliophile's heavenly hangout, providing something for every interest imaginable, with nine total color-coded rooms and over 3,500 different interest sections.

Once here your group will definitely want to take a look at the Out of Print and Hard to Find sections, as well as the Rare Book Room, each filled with various impressive collections of autographed first editions and difficult to find collections. If you are lucky you may happen to be here at a time when a famous writer, author, or thinker is visiting and reading aloud in the Basil Hallward Gallery, the bookstore seeing a typical 12-15 guests of the sort per month. Take advantage of the Espresso Book Machine, in which you can find titles to books quickly or even publish your own book! While you are searching the mountains of books for that perfect edition or title you may want to stop by the on-site Cafe for a quick drink or snack, or perhaps you would like to head over to the gift store to find a great Portland/ Powell City souvenir!