Presidio Chapel of San Elizario

Presidio Chapel of San Elizario

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Located just about 17.5 miles south-southeast of El Paso along the border, you will find the iconic Presidio Chapel of San Elizario.

This church was first built in 1877, on the same site as earlier Mexican chapels. It is within the central square of San Elizario and is considered to be the 4th presidio to be built on Military ground. That is why it was named after San Elzear, the French patron saint of soldiers.

This active parish has outlasted floods, fire, and more, partly due to its 'formidable, high walled adobe fortress' structure, another part to its blessed background, as many believe. The structure is stark white, to signify purity and stability, and is noticed mostly by its 4 verticle bells and 4 horizontal buttresses. The bell tower serves as a 'soft contrast to the hard-edged history of the southeast'.

During your visit to the parish, you can take a tour, explore on your own, participate in prayer, or visit the shrine to the Virgin Mary outside.