Pro Kite Surf

Kitesurfing_ColumbiaRiverWelcome to Pro Kite Surf, the teaching and equipment renting establishment located on Chaparral Street in the SEA and Marina District of Corpus Christi. This building works hand-in-hand with to teach any beginner, pro, or curious soul how to kite surf the safe way. Here beginners can learn kite safety and general riding and advanced riders can take hourly trick training courses. Corpus Christi is a great city in particular to learn and practice kitesurfing due to its steady warm winds almost all year, on average 280 days a year. In the months between March and November wetsuits aren’t even necessary while on the water! Most beachfronts in the city experience 15 to 20 mph winds, shallow sandy water bottoms, and inexpensive accommodations for equipment!

The instructor at Pro Kite are passionate and take personal gratification in teaching, providing truly helpful one on one training sessions with all your gear provided. The instructors here have over 10 years experience in teaching the sport, providing the truly best combination in fun, safe, and secure water recreation sports! Again while here you may choose specifically from the three hour beginners course, hourly refresher course for those who know a tad bit about the sport to begin with, and hourly advanced trick courses for those comfortable enough. Be sure to plan this stop well in advance to reserve all the gear you need, ensure reservations, and see about group prices and deals! (If you happen to buy a current year model kite to use you automatically get a free lesson!)