Q-Zar Tampa

Earth’s favorite laser game is here at Q-Zar Tampa! This family friendly entertainment hub allows everyone in your group to test their laser tag skills across the 5,000 square feet of black lights and battlefield! Inside this futuristic funscape, as it is often called, you will see a wide array of eye popping colors, such as fuchsia, sherbert, and cerulean, all accented and interrupted by frequent laser beams. This surreal futuristic environment is constantly enhanced by special effects, high energy lighting, and electronic techno sounds, making a visit here just “like getting inside a videogame,” as the creators say.

Inside each member of your group will receive a high tech sensor vest and laser gun, with hopes of deactivating their opponent team’s headquarters, as well as tagging as many players from the opposite team along the way. The facility allows up to 40 players at one time, and does not discriminate against age or skill level. The winning team should possess good aim, bravery, and strategy, as well as a good attitude. They also offer increasing skill and strategy games, as well as constant energetic tunes to help as you dish out and dodge fast paced lasers. Q-Zar rents out the facility for private group events and birthday parties, and also features an on site Food Court. Stop by for some delicious Perky’s Pizza or other concession stand foods to power up for a game that “runs on adrenaline, not batteries”!